Smart Lighting and your Home

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Smart Lighting and your Home

2019 is the year of Smart Lighting and home control!

Smart lighting isn't just a gimmick, they’re smart because they’re no longer restricted to just on and off, controlled by the nearby switch. Now, you can change the colour of the light, turn it on and off when you’re halfway around the world, set it to come on to a schedule, or turn off when you say the words “movie night”.

Paired with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, your voice holds the power. It creates ease of use, not only a novelty, but an impressive form of technology. Simply saying "hey google, turn off my lights", you can turn off everything you need, or grab your phone and use the app.

You can add a layer of security to your home easily by switching lights on and off to indicate your home, have the house light up when you walk in by a command like "hey google, I'm home", and you can even add security cameras which notify you of movement. Best of all its DIY, Do it yourself!

Its not only for lights either, you can use power plug adaptors to turn any electrical appliances on or off either by voice or the app. All you need is wifi and to set up your preferred interface like google or amazon. 

Our range of smart lighting products has recently expanded to include smart globes, including 240v GU10 LED, A60 LED globes in ES & BC. Both these come in CCT colour changing or RGB Colour changing to create any mood, Smart LED Strip Tape Kit, Wifi power point adaptor plugs to enable switching of anything electric, Glass Smart wall switches, Smart push button dimmer switches, In wall smart relay switches, Wifi Security camera's, Power boards with USB adaptors, Smart Ceiling fan remote controls and we are expecting more and more new products in the near future. 

View and Shop our range of Smart Lighting and Smart Home Controllers:

We have found it to be super simple and convenient at home and work, especially in our bedtime routine of turning all our lamps off we have scattered around the house, and at work it simply takes a simple command to turn on all the lights instead of walking around the showroom and individually turning on heaps switches.

We currently stock the Brilliant Smart and Mercator Smart ranges instead of the Philips Hue or Lifx brands as we find they have been much more competitive and still have all the technology and features needed.

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