2 x Brilliant Smart Ireland Wifi Power Plug Switch with USB (TWIN PACK)

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2 X Do it yourself Smart Plug power point adaptors. Used to convert most household electrical items into a smart product. Ideal for use with televisions, irons, hair straighteners, lamps or anything that turns on and off. 

NO HUB/GATEWAY REQUIRED - Download the Free Brilliant Smart App.


  • TWIN PACK OF 2 Plugs
  • DIY Smart Plug
  • Controlled by Free Brilliant Smart App
  • On/Off function for anything that plugs in with a standard Australian 3 pin plug
  • Automate your day by setting timers and scheduling your appliances and devices to turn on or off.
  • Compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa for Voice Control


  • Model: 20676/05
  • Brand: Brilliant Lighting
  • Size: 
  • Voltage: 240V - Maximum 10A 2400watts
  • Warranty: 1 Year